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Name of the Association (necessarily)

Short name

Name and surname of the President/Director (necessarily)


Tel.Fah (necessarily)

E-mail (necessarily)

Website (necessarily)

Name of the person to contact (necessarily)

Tel.Fah (necessarily)

E-mail (necessarily)

Total number of participants (necessarily)

The program is accompanied by: a) with orchestra (Live), b) on the CD, if your answer under THEN specify how members of the orchestra numbers and who are INSTRUENTI.

Reservation, in the amount of 20 euros per person (paid in advance to reserve participation is not a jug in the case of withdrawal) and the remaining balance on arrival at the hotel.

To e-mail submit a brief biography of the company, 2-3 good quality photographs to prepare a brochure of the festival which will be moved all groups (participants) festival in Serbian and English language.

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