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  • Organizer of the festival is Youth office Municipal Assembly of Vrnjacka Banja, president of the organizing committiee is the president of the municipality of Vrnjacka Banja Boban Djurovic, organizing team are coordinator of the Youth office Sanja Cvetkovic and her deputy Marija Rajkovic Cosic.
  • Festival has competition character- participation can take folklore ensembles age 16 and older. Max number of the members of one group is 50.
  • During festival it is planned one revial performance. Each ensemble is required to prepare 5-10 minutes of quality programme (if possible two different programmes). Performances will be on the open stage, but in case of the bad weather closed space is provided.
  • Performance with music is not required. It is allowed performance with CD, but with high-quality record.
  • Festival will be followed by expert jury who will assign goblets and diplomas for best ensembles (best coreography, best music, best performance, best costume, best overall impression…). Details about competition will be delivered in a timely manner, at least 30 days before festival starts.
  • Each ensemble will get a plaque for participatiuon on the festival.
  • Each participant will get letter of thanks and a T-shirt of the festival.
  • Each ensemble gets official brochure of the festival where will be presented all participants, in Serbian and English language.
  • Ensembles are required to bring with them transparents with their name and a flag of a country they came from.
  • It is preferred that ensembles prepare two traditional souvenires of a country they came from for exchanging gifts with the president of the municipality and organizers of the festival.
  • Accomodation and food are on half board basis.
  • Group is required to take care of security of its members, and about its conduct during all other activities.
  • Beside performances, other optional activities will be organized.
  • Each enssemble is required to have one representative with good knowledge of english language.
  • Organizer will provide a guide who will be in charge during festival.
  • Number of seats is limited, so the advantage will have enssembles who first makes reservation.
  • To achieve participation at the festival you need to submit the application form along with a list of participants
  • Contract is concluded when mandatory reservation in amount of 20 euros per person is paid. Advance payment for reservatiopn of participation will not be returned in case of renouncement.
  • Each ensemble has one gratis place on 25 participants.
  • Participants in the competition section will be evaluated by the jury and will be presented to valuable prizes.
  • The prize for first place achieved at the festival is worth 1,300 euros – free participation of the winning ensemble at the festival in 2018, which includes room and board for 20 participants

Note: Application, as well as detailed instruction about payment of reservation will be delivered on request of the group by e-mail.










Price per person includes:


  • Folklore festival „Dzivdzan Fest“ – Vrnjacka Banja is in May (26 May 2017 – 28 May 2016) (young)
  • Accommodation offer in standard category is 65 euros, accommodation of the participantsin hotel or luxury apartment accommodation of participants includes: festival registration fee, food on half board basis, tickets to a discotheque, diplomas and festival T-shirts.
  • Any applications received by April 1 will have a 15% discount on package
  • Hotel and apartment accommodation (in double, triple and quadruple rooms) is on the half board basis (breakfast, dinner) – all rooms have cable TV.




Method of payment:


Reservtaion in amount if 20 euros per person is paid in behalf of Partner in organization of accommodation tourist agency Spa travel to the account of agency 105-710558-27 after delivered invoice and the rest of the amount will be paid when you come in Vrnjacka Banja.

Advance payment for reservatiopn of participation will not be returned in case of renouncement.

Organizer reserves the right to change price in relation to the movement of prices on the market.



Price does not include:


  • International travel health insurance
  • Tourist tax ( 1 euro per night)
  • Optional excursions


Required documents:

Each ensemble member should have a valid individual passport.

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